Viral Video: Is E-School? It comes to making empty attendance…the child became a journalist and opened the poll of the government school, people said – live lion

What is the condition of government schools in the country, this thing is not hidden from anyone. In many schools, classes are held without a teacher. We are not saying this, but we are poor. education system An innocent person who came in the role of a journalist, fed up with it, has told. This child has made such a video, exposing the quadruple education system, which we all should see. This video is from Bihar government school is being told. However, netizens say that it is not from Bihar, but from a government school in Godda, Jharkhand.

Many such videos have gone viral on social media, which shows how the future of children is being played with in the name of studying in government schools. Now in the video that has surfaced, a small child is seen exposing the chaos of the government school. The child says that if the teacher does not come, then how will the children study. Then raising questions on the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, he says – this is in the name of toilets in the school. Just show the cameraman. Is it called a toilet? Then asks the government – there is no toilet, no drinking water system. The condition of the rooms is also pathetic. Are these schools like this? This video is of 3 minutes. We are sure you can’t live without watching it in full.

Watch the video of the child opening the government school’s pole here

This video has been shared on Facebook by a user named Pandit Vivek Muskaan. The user wrote in the caption, ‘That’s why the common man in Bihar also had to become a journalist. See how a small child has exposed the chaos of a government school. This video, uploaded two days ago, has been viewed more than 35 thousand times so far, while many people have registered their feedback on the video.

After watching this video, people are praising the child fiercely. Some are calling him a wonderful journalist, while some are congratulating him. However, some people also say that this video is not from Bihar, but from a government school in Godda, Jharkhand. People have argued that it is clearly visible in the video that the school the child is talking about is in Godda. And Godda does not come in Bihar, but in Jharkhand.

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