Viral Video: ‘Flying Dahi Vada’ shadowed on social media, but people trolled after seeing the skill of the shopkeeper

Dahi Vada (Dahi VadaIt is a dish that needs no introduction. Although people make Dahi Vada in many ways, but the taste of Dahi Vada made in North Indian way is amazing. This food recipe is very famous in North India, now this dish is being found all over the country. a street food (Street FoodAs such, people like Dahi Vada a lot. This food is also said to be very good in terms of health. As such, various types of videos are often viral on social media.Viral Videos), but nowadays the video of ‘Flying Dahi Vada’ is covered on social media. People are liking the shopkeeper’s way of selling Dahi Vada, but along with this some people have started trolling him.

In the video you can see how the shopkeeper is selling dahi vada by blowing the plate in the air. The surprising thing is that both vada and curd are present in the plate, but after blowing in the air, none of the things fall down from the plate. This is a kind of skill, because usually if you do this, then it is obvious that the dahi vada will disintegrate in the air. But look at the skill of the shopkeeper, he throws the plate up in such a way that the plate reaches his hand again without dropping anything. This video of ‘Flying Dahi Vada’ is being told from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, where it costs Rs 40. Although in the comments some people have told its price too much.

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This video of ‘Flying Dahi Vada’ has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the ID named ourcollecti0n, which has been viewed 1 million i.e. 1 million times so far, while more than 32 thousand people also liked the video. is. At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. One user has even trolled the shopkeeper and wrote, ‘What will happen if you do this circus? You can make it directly too’, while another user has also written in the same way, ‘Nothing has been added to it, nothing mixed in the air, Uncle ji will have the same hobby of playing catch-catch’. .