Viral Video: Dolphin did a wonderful prank, pushed a person surfing in the sea

Dolphin (dolphin) you must have seen. They are considered to be very intelligent fish. Scientists say that dolphins have the longest memory after humans, whereas earlier it was believed that elephants have the longest memory after humans. Various videos related to dolphins are often viral on social media.Viral Videos) happen, some of which are very funny and some are also a bit surprising. You must have seen that dolphins live very well with humans, they are also seen dancing with them. At the same time, some dolphins are also mischievous. A video of one such mischievous dolphin is becoming very viral on social media these days, seeing which you will burst into laughter.

Actually, in this video, a dolphin is seen deliberately pushing a person surfing in the sea. In the video you can see that some dolphins come swimming with the waves of the sea and one of them suddenly jumps up out of the water and pushes the person who is surfing happily, so that he falls into the water. After this all the dolphins go their way again and that person also comes out of the water and starts surfing again. You have rarely seen such a mischief of a dolphin with a human. This video is very funny and also shocking.

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This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the ID name failarmy, which has been viewed 1.6 million i.e. 16 lakh times so far, while more than 76 thousand people have also liked the video and in various ways. Have also made funny comments. One user says that it is definitely not an accident, while another user has also commented in a similar way that ‘Dolphin did this intentionally’.

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