Viral Video: Divyang boy sang such a song by playing bucket, became a fan of the world, watching the video you will also say – ‘Amazing talent’

There are many people in the world who are very talented. Some surprise the world with their singing talent, some by their dancing and some by some other skill. Although talent is full of code even in people with disabilities, but they do not get much chance to show their talent. Although such videos are often viral on social media.Viral Videos) in which people with disabilities are seen saluting them after seeing their talent and courage. One such talented boy (Talented Boy) has rocked social media nowadays, who is a disabled person, but his talent is amazing. In fact, he has played such a tune by playing a plastic bucket and sang the song of the recently released film ‘Vikram’ that the world has become his fan.

In the video you can see that the boy does not have eyes, but he has made the bucket itself a musical instrument and how beautifully he plays it, Pathala-Pathala (Pathala Pathala) has sung the song. People of Hindi speaking area will not understand this song, but it will be nice to see this video. Share this video on social media platform Twitter @KamalHaasanTeam Shared by name ID. This video of just one minute has been viewed more than 37 thousand times so far, while thousands of people have also liked the video and given various reactions.

Watch Video:

This famous South Superstar Kamal Haasan’s recently released film ‘Vikram’ (Vikram) song, which is earning a lot at the box office. You will be surprised to know that this film has become the highest-grossing film of all time by making a tremendous record in Tamil Nadu. It has earned more than 150 crores in just 17 days. Not only this, the film, directed by Lokesh Kanakraj, has also crossed the Rs 350 crore mark worldwide and is going to cross the 400 crore mark soon.

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