Viral Video: ‘Age tells’ this beautiful painting, if you do not believe then see for yourself

social media There is a wealth of viral videos. From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, different types of videos often go viral on all such social media platforms. never any funny videos If people make people laugh and laugh, then some video surprises people and some videos are also very emotional. Nowadays one such video is becoming very viral, which you will be stunned to see. this video a Paintings is linked to. You must have seen more than one painting, but you may not have seen such a painting, which ‘tells age’. Yes, this is an age telling painting. If you do not believe, then see the painting yourself.

Actually, this painting has been made in such a way that if you look from one side then the woman looks young and if you look from the other side then the woman becomes old immediately. This painting tells the whole story from youth to old age. In the video you can see that there is a painting of a beautiful girl, which if you look from one side or look from the front, the girl looks young, but as soon as you go to the other side of the painting, the old age of the woman starts appearing. A lot of wrinkles start appearing on the face and in such a situation, the whole face changes. You have never seen such a painting before. Anyone can be surprised by watching the video.

watch video

The video of this painting, which tells the story of old age from youth, has been shared on social media platform Twitter with the ID named @ValaAfshar and the caption reads, ‘The days are long, but the years are short. This magnificent painting is telling the age of man. This video of just 19 seconds has been viewed 3.6 million i.e. 36 lakh times so far, while more than 65 thousand people have also liked the video and given various reactions. People are calling this painting spectacular.

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