Viral Video: After watching this video, you will be laughing first, then you will become emotional; Views are in crores

Videos related to pranks often go viral on different platforms of social media. Actually, netizens also like to watch such content with great fervor. this is the reason prank video The trend of making has increased. Now even the family members have started pranking each other and uploading videos on social media. At the moment, a similar video has surfaced, seeing which you will be laughing at first, then you will also become emotional. There are about 5 crore views on this video. Then what’s the delay, let’s watch this video.

In the video going viral, you can see that a girl in the room tries to show magic with the girl to the family members. But let us tell you that this magic is a part of a prank, in which all the family members are involved except the girl. As per the plan, after covering the girl with a sheet, the girl tells her to disappear through magic. To which the family members react in such a way, as if the child has really disappeared. The girl enjoys for some time, but when the family members do not notice her, she gets upset. Even after this, when the family members do not pay attention to her, the girl starts crying loudly. She feels that she has really become invisible and the family will never see her again. But, a mother is a mother. Her heart melts and she hugs the baby girl. The interesting thing is that even after all this, the rest of the family members are still acting.

Watch prank video here

Seeing this prank video, while some people are not able to stop laughing, many users are getting emotional after seeing the crying of the girl child. People say that even such a prank should not be done, which has a profound effect on the mind of the people. You will also cry after seeing the way the girl gets scared of herself ‘disappearing’ in the video and then starts crying.

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