Viral Video: A fierce fight between a snake and a squirrel took place on the middle of the road, you will be shocked to see the ‘result’ of the war

Many times such things will be seen on social media, which are difficult to believe. Especially if the video is related to animals, then the matter is different because it is very difficult to say about when, how and what to see here, even for those people who live in the jungle and wild creatures know closely. It is very difficult to say when and who will prevail here. Many times it is seen that the hunter himself becomes the victim. something like this days It was seen where a squirrel killed the snake with great ruthlessness.

By the way, on seeing the snake, the air of many becomes tight. What human beings, even animals are so afraid of them that they also change their path after seeing it. But one such video of snake and squirrel has gone viral on Instagram, in which the squirrel’s head was seen with blood and he brutally made the snake his prey.

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In the video going viral, seeing the snake moving, it stops first and the hunter attacks it considering it as an easy prey. As soon as the snake hit him, the squirrel retaliated and grabbed the snake’s neck with a firm grip, seeing this form of the squirrel, the snake wants to leave the ground and run away, but to eliminate the snake on the squirrel. Ka’s ghost rides and she runs after the snake to attack him. During this, the squirrel continues to attack the snake and does not give it a single chance to attack, it continues to attack the snake until the snake dies. At the last moment, the snake keeps begging for its survival, but from top to bottom, it nibbles the snake. At the end of the video, the snake dies fighting. It was shared several weeks ago on Instagram by an account named hoodnews__global, which is still being seen today. Till the time of writing this video, this video has got hundreds of likes and views.

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