Viral: Uncle, who was seen selling newspapers in the train rhymed with words, you too will be forced to read the newspaper daily by watching the video!

These days social media has become a new way of spending time. More than one pictures and videos go viral on the internet every day. After watching those who laughed many times, at the same time many such funny videos come in front of us, seeing which we are very much entertained. Although it is occasionally found to see such videos. After seeing them, our day becomes. In recent times too, a video of one such uncle is becoming increasingly viral on the internet. After seeing the rhyme in which uncle has rhymed with words, it will surely make your day.

You must have often seen people selling things in their own style at bus stands, railway stations, squares, street nooks or trains. In recent times too, a funny video has surfaced, he is seen selling newspapers in a different way. And believe me, the way in which they are selling newspapers by rhyming words, you have hardly seen before.

watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that a man is seen selling newspapers in the train. A bundle of newspapers in his hands and a rhyming poem says that ‘this is the knowledge of alphabets, making people recognize it, leaving marks…. There is a ruckus, but there is a solution to everything in the world, because it is a mine of news..! After which a smile comes on the faces of the passengers and they say, brother, give a newspaper.

In the midst of all this, a traveler asks from where did you learn this art? On this question they say that no matter how great a thing is, one should know the art of selling it. If they do not reach the people, then the purpose becomes meaningless. They first read the news themselves at a glance, so that they can tell the newspaper buyers what is special about it today. Why should you read it? Due to his special style, this person has become a topic of discussion on social media. Seeing this clip, it seems that a passenger sitting in the train made a video of the person and uploaded it on social media, which is now going viral indiscriminately.