Viral: The bride and groom started running away by setting themselves on fire at their wedding, users were surprised to see the video

Nowadays people keep doing different things to make the wedding memorable. Some do scuba diving under water, while some want to climb the hill and take photos. People are ready to do anything to make this moment memorable. Now it seems that people will not even care about their lives to do something different. A similar video has surfaced in recent days. In which the husband and wife are sitting in a strange way to do something different. To make their marriage memorable, the newly wed couple set themselves on fire and then started running.

Usually, flowers are showered on the bride and groom after the wedding, but the couple adopted an interesting idea instead of a boring exit. In the pictures, the newly-wed bride and groom are seen engulfed in flames. The bride and groom seen in the video are Ambeer Bambir and Gabe Jessup. Both of them set themselves on fire after their marriage.

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In the video you can see that the bride has a burning bouquet of flowers in her hands which she waves and then the fire reaches both of them. During this, he moved ahead, shaking hands in front of the guests. Eventually they reached a point where they both knelt in front of the fire. After this, the flames were extinguished by two fire extinguishers.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named djrusspowell. Which has got more than 1800 likes by writing the news. Apart from this, many users commented fiercely on this video. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘Who does such a dangerous stunt in his marriage, brother.’ Another user wrote, ‘When their children grow up, they will realize how cool their parents were for their time.’