Viral Story: This Pakistani girl is being praised in India too, she studies during the day and does this work at night

It is said that one has to struggle a lot to get something in life. No one becomes successful just like that. One has to study diligently and some people have to struggle with that study as well. are like that Pakistan Residence of Mirab. His struggling story nowadays social media But it is becoming very viral. Actually, Meerab studies diligently during the day and works diligently at night. at the moment he fashion designing I am doing my graduation, but her dream is to launch her own fashion brand. She is working diligently to fulfill her dream, her goal. In such a situation, he is being praised a lot not only in Pakistan but also in India.

This struggling story of Mirab has recently been shared by Fiza Ijaz, a resident of Lahore (Pakistan) on LinkedIn. Fiza, who works as the ‘Global Brand Lead’ at Unilever, has told everything related to Mirab’s work, her skills, her choices in her LinkedIn post.

According to Fiza, Meerab studies during the day and works as a food delivery worker for fast food company KFC at night. He has told in his post that he had ordered food from KFC. After ordering, he got a call and the voice was of a woman. She said that I am speaking your rider. Now hearing the voice of a woman, Fiza’s curiosity increased a lot. She immediately came out of the house with her friends and waited for the food delivery. When Meerab came to her with her food, she could not stop expressing her curiosity and she talked to Meerab for a long time and got to know about her.

Fiza told that an institution bears all the expenses of Merab’s education, but she works to support her family and to meet her other expenses. Now after knowing the story of Mirab on social media, people are praising her and saluting her spirit.

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