Viral Story: Meet India’s first wheelchair food delivery boy

You must have heard that saying that if there is courage, then a person can reach wherever he wants, but the problem is that not everyone has this courage. People give up before doing anything in life, but those who have courage, self-confidence, they overcome every challenge. Nowadays the story of one such person is viral on social media.Viral Story) who has inspired and continues to inspire people with his spirit, his confidence. Generally, there is such a belief in the minds of people that people with disabilities cannot do anything in life, but the path of self-reliance this person has taken without compromising on the circumstances, he is also inspiring other disabled people.

Actually, this is the story of Ganesh Murugan, India’s first wheelchair food delivery boy, who delivers food on his wheelchair. Ganesh Murugan, a handicapped resident of Chennai, found a way out without compromising on the circumstances and took the path of self-reliance. This story of his has been shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra and wrote in the caption that ‘he is an inspiration to all those who bow down instead of fighting with troubles’.

Deepanshu Kabra has told in the comment of this post that ‘This special wheelchair of Ganesh Murugan has been designed by a start-up in IIT Madras. The two-in-one motorized wheelchair can be detached at the press of a button and the rear part turns into a simple wheelchair as well. We have to resolve to deal with the challenges, then the path starts forming itself.

Apart from this, he has also told that the start-up has so far made 1300 wheelchairs. It takes 4 hours to charge and it covers a distance of 25 kms on a single charge. People are liking this inspirational story of Ganesh Murugan. People are giving different reactions and saluting the spirit of wheelchair food delivery boy Ganesh Murugan.

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