Viral Pic: Father in railway guard and son TTE… this special selfie story going viral on social media

While traveling in trains, it often happens that new tales and stories are heard. This happens not only with passengers, but also with railway employees. A story with a father-son selfie is viral on social media these days.Viral Story) is happening, which has won the hearts of the people. Usually it happens very rarely that the father is also in the railways and the son and both are seen in the trains going side by side, but this has happened, which has created panic on social media. Actually, both father and son working as guard and TTE in railways were present in different trains and when a matching point came on the track, the son took a selfie with the father, which went viral on social media. .

In the picture you can see a man wearing a big beard and glasses is taking a selfie and while another train is going on the adjacent track, in which his father is present, who works as a guard in the railways. Both are performing their duties in different trains, but when both came face to face at one point, the son took a selfie and made this moment memorable forever. It can be seen in the picture that both of them are wearing their respective dresses and are looking very happy.

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This picture has been shared on social media by a person named Suresh Kumar and in the caption it is written, ‘Awesome Selfie… Father is railway guard and son is TT. When the train of both passed side by side, it became a selfie moment. People are very fond of this heart touching picture. It has received more than 74 thousand likes so far, while more than 4900 people have also retweeted the post. At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after seeing the picture. Some have described this picture as spectacular, while some have written that ‘such moments are rarely found’.

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