Viral: Monica Khanna dominated social media by saving the lives of 185 passengers, people said – this is the perfect example of women power

Sunday could have proved to be a dark day in Patna if Captain Monica Khanna had not saved the lives of not one or two but the entire 185 passengers with her intelligence. He got the plane to land safely on a single engine, this landing was not easy at all because Patna is lying high around the airfield and landing here is not that easy. Many videos about this went viral on social media where the flames could be clearly seen in the airplane. Since the airport authority was informed about the emergency landing, fire tenders and ambulances were deployed there. The fire was brought under control immediately.

According to media reports, when the flight caught fire, Captain Monica Khanna shut down the affected engine without panic and her decision averted a major accident. Hashtags like #SpiceJet #PatnaAirport are in trend on social media, people are being praised fiercely with this.

After this incident, SpiceJet gave a statement saying that Captain Monica Khanna and First Office Balpreet Singh Bhatia serving with her have been highly praised. Spice wrote in its statement that at the time of this incident, both the pilots did not panic and handled the front well, both of them are our experienced officers and we are proud of them.

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