Viral: Dhinchak Pooja’s new song created panic on the internet, people after listening to the song said – Oh God lift it!

If you are active in the internet world, then Dhinchak Pooja will not be a new name for you. Internet sensation and ex ‘Bigg Boss 11’ contestant Pooja went viral a few years back with ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’. Even after this, he sang many songs that drew blood from the ears. Although, memes were made fiercely on Dhinchak Pooja and her songs, but Dhinchak Pooja did not mind them and due to this style, whenever a song of Mohtarma comes, it becomes a topic of discussion among the people.

In recent times, Pooja has once again become a topic of discussion on social media due to her new song ‘Ek Or Selfie Lene Do’. If you haven’t heard this song yet, listen at your own risk, Re Baba! Although people are laughing a lot after watching this video of him. Netizens are trolling by sharing memes.

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While many made funny memes on Dhinchak’s song like every time, one user wrote, ‘Bring a song everyday… Zindagi acchi kategi! Another fan shared the photo of Sunny Deol sitting and wrote, “Man, I also deserve a selfie with Pooja ji.” Apart from this, many other users have given their feedback on this. It’s just as cringy as you expected it to be. This is the reason why Pooja has closed the comment section of her YouTube video. The video has got more than 70,000 views.