Violent fight between women at the toll booth; watch video

Last days in Maharashtra Nashik Of Pimpalgaon Toll Booth But the two women got confused. The matter escalated so much that both of them got into a scuffle. Video of this fight between female passenger and female employee social media But it is going viral fast. In the viral clip, it can be seen how after pushing each other, they start beating each other by pulling them by the hair. Not only this, they also slap each other. The matter is being told of 14 September. According to media reports, this fight allegedly took place over the payment of toll. This video is becoming increasingly viral on different platforms of social media.

In the video going viral, you can see that at the toll booth, two women are seen pushing each other and pulling their hair. There are many people around him, but no one comes forward to intervene. During the fight, women also abuse and abuse. After a long tussle, some toll workers try to stop them. At the same time, some people are seen recording this fight on their mobile phones.

See in the video, two women fought fiercely at the toll booth

This video of the assault on Nashik’s toll plaza has been shared on Twitter by a user named Mr. Raj Majhi, which has gone viral on sight. Sharing the video, the user wrote in the caption, ‘A shocking incident has come to the fore. There was a fierce fight between women at Pimpalgaon toll booth near Nashik. Along with this, the user has also tagged the police.

Now people are talking different things on this video. Some say that even a man was fine, now women have also started doing such squabbles. At the same time, some say that the behavior of the toll plaza employees is not good. Some have also objected that instead of stopping the women, people were busy making videos.

‘Keep making video instead of stopping’

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