VIDEO: Wild elephants get hunted for selfie

Forests have always been considered as home to animals, but humans have destroyed their homes. Forests of the forest are being cut down and villages and cities are being built. In such a situation, humans are getting their whereabouts, but what about those animals, who used to live in that forest. No one thinks about where he will go. In such a situation, if a good person went to their area by mistake and obstacles started coming in their way and then how would they be able to be happy. Obviously his anger will definitely be seen. At present, a similar scene is being seen in a viral video. This video is funny and also quite surprising.

Actually, a herd of elephants was going somewhere. During this, some boys stood in front of them and started trying to take selfies. Then what, the elephants did not like it at all and after thinking a little, they decided to scare those boys and drive them away. In the video you can see that a herd of elephants is coming on the road, but on seeing the humans, their feet stop and some turn backwards. During this, two boys stand in front of them in perfect style and try to take selfies. On this the elephants get furious and run towards them.

Now seeing the elephants coming towards them, the boys immediately get stunned from there. However, after their escape, the elephants go into the forest comfortably. Well, here the elephants did nothing, but doing so can be dangerous. That’s why people should avoid activities like taking selfies with wild animals.

See how a herd of elephants taught a lesson

This video has been shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu on her Twitter handle and it is written in the caption, ‘Selfie craze with wildlife can be deadly’. This 56-second video has been viewed thousands of times so far and people have given different reactions as well. Some have described the boys taking selfies as ‘crazy’ and some have written that ‘the innocent should not be disturbed unnecessarily’.

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