VIDEO: While reading funny news, even the anchor lost his laughter, knowing the matter, you will also laugh

Sometimes such incidents happen, which make people laugh, but it is rarely seen that while reading or speaking funny news. anchor Started laughing too. You must have seen that whenever the anchor speaks the news, whether the news is funny or serious, but their facial expressions look the same. Yes, there are some anchors who have a little smile on their face, but rarely have you ever seen an anchor. live news I must have seen laughing and laughing and that too while speaking the news. social media But nowadays a similar video is going viral, after watching which you will surely laugh with laughter.

Actually, the matter itself is so funny that anchor, no one is forced to laugh. In the video you can see that the anchor reads the news in a very serium mood and after telling about the news for about 30 seconds, he loses his laughter. He lowers his head and starts laughing out loud. Then he tries to tell more about the news in between, but his laughter was not taking the name of stopping. He was just going to laugh. In this video of about 1 minute, he kept on laughing for half a minute. The case itself was so funny.

You can also watch this funny video:

what was the matter?

The anchor tells that a 57-year-old man was caught by the police driving at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour and fined, but he did not pay the fine. Because of this, he was presented in the court, where he said that I do all the work fast. Then what, the judge, while pronouncing the decision swiftly, said that ‘Let’s see how fast you come after serving six months of jail!’.

This funny video of anchor is shared by senior journalist and writer Om Thanvi (Om Thanvi) has shared on his Twitter handle and while explaining about the matter, wrote, ‘When the anchor also enjoys the news!’. People are very much liking this video. So far it has got more than one lakh views.

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