VIDEO: Varamala’s entry from the sky in front of the bride and groom, people liked this unique style

wedding There is a special moment in the life of every boy and girl. People have decorated so many dreams for this day and when this moment comes, people jump with joy. not only groom bride Rather, his family members and relatives are also seen swinging on this happy occasion. By the way, you must have seen that when the procession comes to the girl’s door, the bride also gets restless to see her groom. Sometimes brides hide and see their groom. Well, after that, when the occasion comes for Varmala, then the view is made on sight. social media But nowadays a very cute video related to this is going viral, seeing which your heart will be happy. You have never seen such a sight before.

The garland is an important ritual at the time of marriage, in which the bride and groom wear each other on the stage. Only after that the ritual of wearing vermilion and mangalsutra takes place. In the video you can see how grand the stage is decorated and right in the middle of the stage the bride and groom are standing face to face holding each other’s hands. Meanwhile, there is an entry of garland from above, after seeing which the groom says something to his bride in the ear. After that they make each other wear garlands. You must have seen all kinds of videos related to the entry of bride and groom on social media, but rarely have seen Varmala’s entry in this unique style. This video is really heart-wrenching.

See how Varmala entered the stage

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Now that the season of weddings is about to come, then you may get to see something similar in a wedding somewhere.

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