VIDEO: The woman suddenly stopped on the middle road while walking, then this dangerous accident happened

While driving on the road or even if you are crossing the road on foot, it is necessary to be very careful, because accidents never come by telling. If not alert, accidents happen anytime, anywhere and some accidents are even fatal or are going to seriously injure people. social media But still you Videos You must have seen, in which people become victims of accidents on the way and some crash due to their own fault. Nowadays one such video is going viral, in which a woman becomes a victim of a serious accident on the middle of the road due to her own fault.

Now there is no information about how serious the condition of the woman is in this accident, but seeing the video, it seems that the accident is very serious and in this accident, along with the woman, the bike rider was also at fault. is the one who hit him. In the video you can see how the woman starts crossing the road through the zebra crossing after seeing the empty road. Meanwhile, she sees a speeding bike approaching, seeing which she stops on the middle road thinking that the bike will pass by her side, but this does not happen. The bike rider’s mind suddenly goes to zero after seeing the woman standing on the middle road and he goes straight and hits the woman hard.

See how the woman became the victim of the accident

This heart-wrenching video has been shared on social media platform Twitter with the name @OTerrifying and the caption read, ‘Why was she standing there?’. This video of just 6 seconds has been viewed more than 7 million i.e. 70 lakh times so far, while more than 4 thousand people have also liked the video.

At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. Somebody is saying that ‘what kind of bike rider is this, didn’t apply brakes’, then someone is calling the bike rider as well as the woman an idiot.

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