VIDEO: The monkey stole the apple and escaped, the users were surprised to see the feat

On social media, people like videos related to animals very much. Especially those animals. Videos Those who are closer to humans. Whenever their funny antics are caught on camera and Internet But when it comes to the fore, they become viral as soon as they come. After watching those who laugh many times, then after watching these videos many times they are surprised.. such a video is in discussion these days. After seeing which you will also understand why monkeys are called so clever.

Animals are very clever. They know how to use their intellect in the matter of food and drink. If we talk about monkeys, then they are not called the ancestors of humans like that! Monkeys are great masters. They cannot be fooled, especially when it is a matter of eating and drinking.. Now watch this video only where the monkey is seen stealing with great pleasure. Seeing the monkey’s movement in the video, you must be laughing too.

Here’s how the monkey stole

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In the video you can see that a person is seen sitting comfortably with the bag behind. During this, a monkey comes secretly and opens the chain of the bag and takes out an apple from it, then runs away from there. The makers of the video also laughed seeing his action. This video of monkey theft is becoming increasingly viral on social media. After seeing this, most people are surprised and there are some users who will not be able to control their laughter after watching it.

Looking at the monkey, it seems that he must be very hungry. This video has been shared by an account named Instagram waowafrica. Also, after watching the video, people are giving their feedback through comments. One user wrote, ‘The monkey has put a great mind to steal.’ While another user wrote, ‘Such incidents are quite common at tourist places.’ Apart from this, many more people have given their feedback by commenting on this.

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