VIDEO: The girl created havoc with the scooty, people said- ‘Didi ne kya entry maari hai’

if you too social media But if you are active, then you must have seen that netizens often troll ‘Scooty Girls’ for their strange driving skills. Actually, many such videos related to him have surfaced on the internet, seeing which anyone can stop laughing. The problem is that the trollers scooty girls to now’papa’s angel‘ Have started calling by saying. At present, a similar video has surfaced on Twitter, seeing which the public is saying- ‘Didi ne kya entry mari hai’.

We all know very well that how much girls love to ride scooty. But, some girls are not so expert in driving. They do not know when and how to control the accelerator. We all know what happens after that. Now just watch this video which is going viral. A girl is seen sitting on a scooty outside the house. Keep in mind that the scooty is on. You can see that the door of the house is locked. Means, the prisoner is waiting for the gate to open and is about to go into it with Scooty. But whatever happens in the next moment in the video, you will be left laughing.

Watch the video of Scooty Girl here

The video of Scooty Girl has been shared on Twitter with an account named @Gulzar_sahab. The user has written in the caption, ‘Wow what entry has been made by Didi.’ The clip is only of 30 seconds, but after watching it, people are not able to control their laughter. The video has been viewed more than 1.6 lakh times, while more than 6 thousand likes and more than 800 retweets have been received. This number is increasing rapidly.

Many female users have also reacted to the viral clip in a funny way. One has written, still the gate did not open. At the same time, while commenting, another user has written, Hey Mori Dada… what was that. Another user has written with a pinch, this is the fault of the gate.

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