VIDEO: Now Kylie Paul danced on Bhojpuri song with sister, people said – most different brother

social media But no one knows when it will go viral. Sometimes videos related to dancing become viral and sometimes related to singing. there, sometimes here funny videos Also get to see, who make people laugh and laugh. Be it Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, all such social media platforms are full of different types of videos. Just keep scrolling and watch different types of videos. By the way, nowadays the era of reels is going on. Instagram But such reels and videos are being seen that people’s hearts are becoming happy. Nowadays one such video is becoming very viral, which has created a buzz on the entire social media for the last few days.

Actually, dance videos of different people are being seen a lot on Bhojpuri song ‘Patli Kamariya More’. Sometimes girls dance and sometimes boys dance. Recently, a female teacher created a ruckus on social media by dancing to this song with the children in the classroom and now the craze of this song has reached Tanzania as well. Now the viral Tanzanian brothers and sisters are seen dancing on this Bhojpuri song. In the video, you can see how both the brothers and sisters are dancing to the song. You must have seen this brother-sister dance a lot on Hindi and Punjabi songs, but you have hardly seen them dancing on Bhojpuri songs before. This video has created panic on social media.

Watch the dance of this Tanzanian brother and sister

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This steamy dance video has been shared by Kylie Paul herself on the social media platform Instagram and has also tagged her sister Neema Paul. So far this video has been viewed more than 12 million i.e. 1.2 crore times, while more than one million i.e. 10 lakh people have also liked the video and made various comments.

Someone is saying that their dance is different from everyone, then a user has written, ‘Wow di very good. You danced well. Similarly, another user has written about Kylie Paul, ‘Brother has set fire. There is very good acting from our Chhaprios here.

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