VIDEO: In the process of making a reel, the bull gave such a blow, the ghost of fake ‘Bhallaldev’ descended in two seconds

I mean in life adventure It is necessary, but to what extent is it right to break bones in its wake? Seeing amazing stunts in films, who doesn’t feel like doing something similar, but in films, actors perform any stunt very carefully. But nowadays people without thinking stunt start doing. Now take a look at this clip which has surfaced where a man started fighting with a bull by its horn.

If a bull is seen walking on the road, then a wise man changes his way or waits for some time for him to leave. Many times bulls attack people without any reason. But there are many people who have to live up to the saying that the bull kills me, so they unnecessarily get into trouble. Look at this clip itself, where in the course of showing the stunt, the person caught the horn of the bull, and then within 2 seconds, the person tosses the person in the air and throws him down on the ground.

watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that a person starts fighting with a bull in the process of making a video. At first the bull doesn’t do anything and the person takes advantage of this and starts trying to show his strength, but during this time the bull gets angry and he picks it up and throws it.

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