VIDEO: Gajraj got angry after taking photos of tourists, drove them out of the forest in anger

Elephants are counted among the most powerful animals in the world. Its the world’s best giant beast is considered. This is the only creature living in the forest, whose nature is better than others and it does not get angry quickly, but if it gets angry, then it can become angry. forest He also has the ability to crush the king with his feet. We got to see one such video these days. Where tourists had to face the anger of the elephant.

You must have noticed that during jungle safari, tourists often try to capture the pictures of wild animals in their cameras. Due to which such incidents are seen many times. Everyone is surprised to see that. Something similar was seen in this video where a group of tourists try to photograph an elephant during a safari in the forest. But after a few seconds, Gajraj gets angry and makes them run.

watch video here

In the video you can see that tourists go after an elephant in the forest to take a picture of it. For a few seconds, the elephant tolerates their movements, but after a while the elephant was not very happy with the human intervention and attacks them. After which the driver of the jeep rushes the car behind so that he can avoid the anger of the elephant.

This video has been shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer Saket Badola. Which has been seen by more than seven thousand people. Many people have given their feedback by commenting on this. One user wrote, ‘People have now started interfering in the life of wild animals, which is not a good thing at all.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘If the elephant gets caught, then the work was all there.’

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