Video: Doggy gave a new life to the deer by playing on her life, you will also salute after watching Jabanji

Often you must have read or heard somewhere that a person saved a drowning person on his own? Believe it, it takes a lot of courage to do this and when an animal does this work, then the matter surprises people. one such Video These days it has come to the fore where a dog saved the life of a deer by playing on his life. this video social media It is becoming increasingly viral on every platform. This video has won the hearts of many people on the internet.

As we all know that dog is counted among the most intelligent animals in the world. The more intelligent this animal is, the more loyal it is. The owner is ready to risk his life on a gesture, but the video that has come out these days is a little different because here a brave dog saved the life of a deer drowning in the river. During this, the dog caught the deer in his mouth in the same way as he picks up his children by holding them by the mouth.

watch video here

In the video you can see a black colored dog rescuing a baby deer. During this, the dog carefully picked up the deer baby in its mouth and floated it out of the river and then through the bushes brings the deer child to the field and then frees the deer child from the mouth. During this, Dogi takes full care that the deer does not scratch his teeth.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @dc_sanjay_jas. With the uploading of the video, more than 50 thousand people have watched this video and people are praising the bravery of the dog fiercely. A Twitter user wrote, because he is an animal, if there was a human here, maybe he would have made only videos of drowning..! At the same time, another user wrote, ‘This dog is truly a hero.’ Another user has written that I am really shocked to see the bravery of the dog. Man should also learn from this.

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