Video: Baby monkey got mad after seeing the smart phone in the hands of the person, people said – ‘This is the condition of today’s generation’

Very funny videos of animals are also shared on social media. This Video are surprising, so seeing some Laughter also comes. In which videos of funny and strange antics of monkeys are most liked. If we talk about the most mischievous creatures of the forest, then the name of the monkey comes at the top. Sometimes the monkeys start acting like humans, and sometimes they do such funny acts, seeing that the audience cannot stop themselves from laughing. Something similar has been seen these days.

In today’s time, the craze of smartphones is rising above everyone. Especially if the children do not get them, then they create a ruckus in the whole house. But if you think that only humans do this, then you are thinking wrong. Not only humans but animals also do this. Now look at this video that came out, where the monkey’s child insists on snatching the mobile from the person, while his mother repeatedly tells him to stay away from the mobile, but he is not agreeing.

watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that a monkey’s child has gone mad like human children after seeing the smart phone in the hands of the person. Where the person wants to take his picture, then he wants to snatch that phone. Looking at him, it seems that he can no longer stay away from the phone. At the same time, his mother is trying to take him away from the phone. Like our mom does.

This video has been shared by Sushant Nanda on Twitter. With which he wrote the caption, ‘Really this is the condition of today’s generation.’ This video is being liked by people on social media. Users are very much liking this video and are enjoying it a lot. Not only this, many people are watching this video again and again and giving their feedback while chatting on it. So what is your opinion on this video and tell me by commenting.

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