VIDEO: An old man did a stunt on a moving bicycle, people said – ‘There is no age for cheerfulness’

Videos of animals often go viral on social media. Those who are surprised after seeing, there are many times like this videos We get to see. Seeing whom it is a lot of fun. And many times like this clip appears before us. Which are very interesting. After seeing it once, I feel like watching it again and again. Similar videos are going viral these days. After seeing which there is no age for fun. A person can do that at any age.

Age does not decide the scale of anything. There is no need of any excuse to be happy from the heart, you just have to be alive. It is not right to imprison oneself in the number of age, those who do this are not able to live their life freely. But those who come out of the threshold of age and live their life, they not only remain happy but also keep the people around them happy. Now just look at this uncle who is seen doing stunts with great pleasure on his bicycle.

watch video here

In the video going viral, you can see that an old grandfather is seen riding a bicycle happily on the road. Sometimes he is seen waving the cycle happily, while at other times he even leaves his hand while riding the cycle. Looking at the level of energy the old man is applying while performing stunts, it cannot be said that he is old. The age of the old man seen in the video is being put at 70 to 80 years. Seeing the manner in which elders perform stunts, once it looks as if a young man is doing stunts!

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @Gulzar_sahab. For which more than 79 thousand people have seen the news and their respective reactions are being given by commenting. One user commented that form is temporary, class is permanent..! While another user wrote, ‘It was fun watching this grandfather’, another user wrote, ‘Truly this video teaches that life should be lived openly’.

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