VIDEO: A woman was seen lovingly caressing a dangerous tiger, people said – Awe so sweet

Tiger It is one of the most dangerous wild animals living on this earth, from which it is better not to be licked by humans, otherwise they have no confidence when to attack and kill them and eat them. In the dreaded wild animals, only tigers come after lions. By the way, tigers are usually seen in forests or zoos only and are locked in cages. No one is allowed to go near them, but social media But nowadays a video is going viral, seeing which one should be surprised.

Actually, in this video, a woman is seen standing near a giant tiger, but she is also seen lovingly caressing and kissing. In the video you can see how the tiger is sitting comfortably and there is a woman standing there, who is lovingly caressing her on the neck. At the same time, the tiger also reacts as if it is a pet. You must have seen that if someone cares for a pet like a dog or a cat, then they also give a similar reaction as the tiger has given. By the way, the way the woman hugs and kisses him later, it seems as if both of them are hugging each other after years.

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Although you must have seen a lot of tigers hunting in the forest, but seeing such a sight is very rare and it is also surprising to see it. This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the name tiger_tigers678, which has got thousands of views so far, while hundreds of people have liked the video and given different reactions.

One user has written that the kind of reaction given by the tiger with closed eyes is wonderful and priceless, while another user has written that I wish I could hug the tiger like this too.

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