Uncle made a ‘rocket cycle’ with a chimney, people remembered watching the video GHOST RIDER

Through jugaad technology, a person can invent new things at any age. Seeing which even a good scientist gets dizzy. The biggest advantage of this technology is that you use less and less things and make such innovations, which no one could have even imagined. Therefore, whenever a video or picture from Jugaad comes on the Internet, it becomes viral indiscriminately. In recent times too, a similar video related to Jugaad has come to the fore. In which an elderly man has designed a rocket-like bicycle with the help of jugaad technology.

In the video you can see that an elderly person has installed a fireplace on his bicycle through jugaad and the fire is coming out of it just like a rocket and the elderly person after installing this chimney Running his bicycle like a rocket.

watch video here

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @TheFigen. With which he wrote a funny caption. Till the time of writing this video, this video has got more than 2 lakh views. Along with this, people are giving their own feedback by making funny comments on it.

After watching the video, a user commented and wrote, ‘After watching these, I remembered GHOST RIDER.’ On the other hand, another user wrote, ‘This rocket bicycle made of jugaad is amazing.’ Another user wrote, ‘Their jugaad is really commendable.’ By the way, how did you like Uncle’s jugaad cycle and let us know by commenting.

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