Two people clashed outside the government office, a lot of slippers and shoes; WATCH VIDEO

Fighting has become a common thing nowadays. People clash with each other over the slightest thing and then their fight sometimes takes a serious form. So severe that people break their heads, have to be admitted to hospitals in critical condition and sometimes even the fight becomes fatal. You social media But also you must have seen many such videos, in which people start fighting without talking or over small talk. Nowadays one such video is going viral, which has taken everyone by surprise. In this video, two people are seen fighting each other fiercely.

In the video, an elderly man and a 40-45 year old man can be seen raining slippers and shoes on each other. First there is an argument between the two and then slap and slippers start walking together. Then in a few seconds the shoe also comes out. In the video you can see how both the people are running slippers and shoes on each other. Both of them are holding each other’s collar and then are running slippers and shoes. However, later when they calm down a bit, a third person comes and rescues them and ends their fight. It is not known where this video is from, but a notice board on the wall shows that it is definitely a view of a government office.

See how both of them are raining slippers and shoes on each other

Well, this funny fight video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID named @Tam_Khan. This video of just 36 seconds is very surprising.

After watching this fight, a user commented that they even left women behind, while another user jokingly wrote that ‘it is better than guns, AK47, atom bomb and airbombing etc. All the countries of the world should learn from this. All his ministries should give up all their weapons and learn to fight with such weapons.

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