Two girls clashed on the road for boyfriend, slaps a lot…Watch VIDEO

social media But sometimes some such videos become viral, which are quite surprising to see and also laugh. You must have seen people fighting and beating over small things, but it is rarely seen that women fight for husbands or girls. boyfriend for. Nowadays a similar video is very much on social media. viral It is happening, in which two girls are seen fighting with each other. It rains a lot of slaps between them. In the fight, both are seen to be heavy on each other. The reason for this fight is also very kinda weird Everyone is surprised to know about it.

Actually, both the girls fight among themselves for boyfriend. This is what the local people say. This case is being told of Chhapra district of Bihar. In the video you can see how two girls are fighting among themselves and raining slaps on each other. Apart from this, both are also pulling each other’s hair badly. During this, a boy and a girl try to get rid of their quarrel, but seeing their aggression, they back away and leave them to fight and fight. However, after beating for a few seconds on the road, her mind calms down a bit and then she starts going her own way.

See how girls are fighting with each other

This information has not yet been received about this incident that after all, whose boyfriend was actually and on what did their fight started.

However, this is not the first such case. Just two months ago, a similar case had come to light in Jharkhand, in which two girls had a fierce fight in the affair of boyfriend, after which the girls of those girls also jumped in the fight. Later the police had to intervene and pacify their quarrel.

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