#Tomorrow_India_Band_will be trending on social media, users made fun of memes by making memes

Nothing can be said about when and where to be seen in the Internet world. Every day some trend remains in discussion among the people. At present, #Kal_Bharat_Band_Rahega is trending on Twitter. In fact, the Bahujan Mukti Party and its frontal organizations have called for a Bharat Bandh on June 25. According to media reports, this bandh is against those people who are conspiring to break the unity and integrity of the country in the name of Hindu-Muslim. Jaiprakash Guddu, who is conducting this meeting, said that this time the bandh will be completely successful.

As soon as the trend came into the limelight on Twitter, hundreds of people started giving their feedback on it. People are giving their reaction on this trend in different ways. Where most of the users want to know whether India will really be closed? At the same time, there are many users who are making different types of memes on Twitter about this hashtag.

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For your information, let us tell you that the bandh is a kind of protest method. In this protest, people are appealed to support the protesting class. Apart from this, often attempts are made to put pressure on the government through bandhs etc. If seen, you can also call it a form of bandh. But it is also different from the strike because in the strike, the same class stops its work, which is involved in it. Common people are not included in this and they are not coerced.

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