To save the life of his child, the reindeer clashed with the leopard, know what happened the result of this bloody war

Punjabi singer Kuldeep Manak sang the song, ‘Maa hundi ae maa o duniya waali’. This song means mother is mother. mother your kids does anything for. Seeing the mother’s love, it seems that if someone is called the most beautiful creation of God, then she will be the mother and these things apply not only to humans but also to animals..! In recent times one such Video has come to the fore. After seeing which you will also understand that there is nothing in this world more than mother’s love.

It is said that the leopard is such a hunter who hunts his prey very cleverly and intelligently, and on the other hand, if the python catches its prey once, then it becomes difficult to escape. But when this ruthless hunter of the forest competes with a mother, she also has to pull her feet back. Something similar was seen in the video going viral these days where the leopard made the reindeer’s child its hunter .. but the mother fought him strongly and the leopard is forced to retreat.

Watch the shocking video of the fight here

It can be seen in the video that an African reindeer baby is going with his mother in the forest. During this, a leopard catches the eye of the child and he attacks the child to make him his victim and grabs his neck and drags him away and the child starts suffering badly. Seeing her Lal screaming like this, she comes to fight with the hunter.

The child is badly injured due to the leopard attack and is unable to stand. During this, the leopard again tries to make the child its prey, but the female reindeer drives him away from there. share this video on twitter Shared by an account named @Animal_WorId. Which has got hundreds of views and likes till the time of writing the news.

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