To make a reel, the girl kicked the dog by abusing, people took classes, had to apologize

on social media these days Kiran Kajal The video of an Instagram Influencer named. In this they use profanity kick the dog She is seen hitting. However, this video has now become heavy on him. social media Users are fiercely criticizing his act. After this protest, Kajal has deleted the video and while apologizing has claimed to be an animal lover. Kiran says that she did not do this intentionally, rather she was scared of the stray dog.

Regarding the use of profanity, Kiran has said that it is very common for people living in Delhi and Mumbai. He said, ‘The video was not pre-planned. When the dog came towards me, I kicked it out of fear. My language was not correct, for which I apologize. Along with this, he said that he is an animal lover. He is fond of animals. While making the reel, she was very scared to see the stray dog. We cannot show you that deleted video of Kajal, because she has used very bad words.

Influencer Kajal Apology Video

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However, even after this apology, Kajal is facing criticism. Social media users believe that the dog did not come towards them nor did it try to bite them. People say that Kajal’s video was pre-planned, as she is seen laughing after kicking and abusing the dog.

Commenting on the video of the apology, Animal Hope and Wellness NGO said, “It was entertaining for you and the people around you, but not for us.” Your real face has been revealed, so there is no need to do such drama. Animal rights activist Tarana Singh, living in America, complained about the video on Twitter and said that it is horrifying. At the same time, singer Jaan Kumar Sanu appealed to report the account and said that the woman is not at all sorry for her behaviour.

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