To escape the heat, Baba confronted Einstein’s mind! Will watch the video wah-wah!

,desi jugaad‘ We Indians have no break in the matter. The mind of Indians not only moves, but runs like a rocket. These days a Baba is in the headlines for his unique jugaad. Actually, the elderly have made such a jugaad to avoid the heat that the video has become viral on social media. The elderly have fitted a solar-powered fan on their head, which keeps them feeling cool even in summer. 77 years old Lalluram of Uttar Pradesh Lakhimpur Kheri residents of the district.

Lalluram, 77, told that he goes door-to-door and shop to sell lemon and flower garlands. Due to being out in the scorching sun, he got heat stroke, due to which he fell ill. Because of this he was unable to come out of the house. Due to this the condition of the family had become very pathetic. It was difficult to survive. After recovering well, Lalluram found such a jugaad to escape the heat, due to which he is dominated on the internet today.

Watch the video of Baba’s jugaad

Seeing people start taking selfies

To avoid the heat, Lalluram installed a solar panel over the plastic helmet and then installed a fan in it. Now whenever Lalluram comes out on the streets with this jugaad fan, people start taking selfies with him. Lalluram says about his desi jugaad, we do a very small business. We sell lemon garlands.

‘The idea was found and made’

Lalluram said, ‘It is this business that feeds the children. After falling ill, we have made this stuff on loan. There is a solar plate at the back of the helmet and a fan at the front. Whenever you go out in the sun, it gives a lot of relief. He further said that getting air on the face gives a lot of relief. On the praise being received on Jugaad, the old man says that he has not done anything. Got the idea and we did it. When I made it and checked it, I saw that it is working. After this, after fitting in the helmet, the elderly started wearing it on the head.

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