To avoid homework, a Chinese child employed a brain like Chacha Chaudhary, you have hardly heard such an excuse

You all must remember those days of school when you used to hit some excuse or the other for doing homework. What is it, those days of childhood were such that the mind studied writing I didn’t feel like it. The mind behind the game was so crazy that it was not known when it was morning to evening and evening to night and many times homework was also missed in this affair, but there were many people whose mother would make them sit. home work Used to get it done but the mind was so busy playing that we used to run away with excuses there too. The excuse of one such child has come into the limelight.

The case is of Jiangsu province of China. Where the child studying in the fifth class used the same mind as Chacha Chaudhary to avoid homework and told the mother such an excuse that the mother also got into thinking and the matter went viral on the internet, but believe me, seeing the way the child made an excuse You will also say – I wish! This excuse would have come in our mind in childhood.

The child has a wonderful mind

Actually, during homework, the child had put tissue paper in his nose in front of the mother and tears were coming from his eyes and he was running away from his book. On this the mother asks what is happening? The child tells the mother that I am allergic to the smell of books. Because of which he will not be able to do homework. After listening to the child, the mother asked, it was not like this in the last 5 years, then how has it happened now? In response he says that it takes time! When the mother took the child’s matter seriously and said that let’s go to the doctor, he started refusing. In such a situation, the mother said that stop doing gimmicks and do homework silently.

When the child’s talk became viral on the internet, people started enjoying it. One user wrote, ‘This kid is really a top class actor.’ On the other hand, another user wrote, ‘Brother! What a wonderful mind the child has made.’ While another user wrote, ‘We also used to make similar excuses to avoid homework.’

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