Tips given by IFS officer to take out UPSC exam, what to do and what not to do during preparation

Many people in India dream of becoming an IAS officer. To become an IAS one has to work hard and struggle. Those who prepare for UPSC know very well how difficult this exam is. People’s age passes but this test does not pass. But still, in the passion of becoming an officer, lakhs of people fill the form for the examination every year, but due to lack of proper guidance, there are many children who are unable to clear this examination. However, today such tremendous coaching centers have been built. It is known what to do to remove the paper, but many times it is not known what not to do. Both are necessary. In this episode, an IFS has solved this mystery and told the students how to clear the UPSC paper.

Actually, a few days ago, some students were asking IFS officer Anupam Sharma how to clear this exam. In such a situation, the IFS officer has shared some tips on his Twitter handle. These tips can reduce anxiety and stress during UPSC Prelims Exam.

While sharing the first tip, the IFS officer tells that know one thing that any UPSC aspirant will definitely have stress at some level and this exam leaves an impact on his ability. During this, where some people break down, many people remain normal.

Secondly, he says that there is no doubt that UPSC is very good, but it is not as good as it is portrayed by any institute. Actually the coaching guys over-glorify it. Apart from this, there are other professions in which you can pass what you want from your life and only after accepting such a truth, half the stress of the mind ends.

He writes in his next tweet that it is often seen that students give less importance to their sleep during preparation and they forget that 6-8 hours of sleep is needed in any case. This also reduces your stress. Make a schedule to complete your sleep, sleep cycle is also very important.

He further writes that during your preparation, you should never set such targets for yourself which you cannot achieve. Limit your sources and select only those that benefit you and then revise them again and again.

IFS officials further say that ‘Do not take too many mock tests for Prelims. During this, try as much as you can to take mock tests from a credible institute. You don’t have to worry about the fact that your score came down in this. It is more important than this to solve last year’s question paper.

Keep healthy and hygienic food in your diet. Apart from this, give more importance to your diet fruits, vegetables, milk. Along with being oily and spicy, eat less heavy food. Do not skip breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner anything.

Don’t end your social life for UPSC. Make sure to spend at least 30 minutes a day with your family and friends. But yes, avoid meeting more people and yes stay away from negative people. Don’t waste too much time on social media. And be sure to be in someone’s relationship while you are together.

Social media users are very much liking the tips given by them. Everyone gives stress and tension regarding this exam. But hardly anyone tries to reduce stress in this way. People not only liked this tweet of his but also shared it with each other.