This woman takes out dumplings by putting her hands in boiling oil, people trembled after watching the video

by the way Indian food Famous all over the world, but the street food here has made a different identity of its own. Be it pakodas or golgappas, chaat or vada pavYou will get to see their fans all over the country. By the way, every place has its own different street food, which is quite famous. Like there is Vada Pav in Mumbai. social media But nowadays a video related to Vada Pav is going viral, which is quite surprising. In this, a woman is seen putting her hands in boiling oil and taking out the cheesy pav vada. Do you have the courage to put your hands in the boiling oil?

You must have seen that if a single drop of hot oil falls on the body, then boils come out there immediately. In such a situation, who will take the risk of putting hands in boiling oil? But this street vendor lady has taken this risk and the surprising thing is that she is not doing it even after putting her hands in the boiling oil. In the video you can see that in a big pan, cheese pav vada is being fried in oil and the woman is taking it comfortably in her hand and then packing it and giving it to the customer. Seeing the woman putting her hands in hot oil like this, people are surprised and are talking all kinds of things. This video is being told of Nashik.

See how the lady is taking out the pakodas from the boiling oil

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This shocking video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the name veggie_bite, which has been viewed more than 5 lakh times so far, while more than 21 thousand people have also liked the video. At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video.

One user has written, ‘Take aunty spoon’, then another user has written, ‘What is the hurry, who is using hand instead of spoon to remove it from oil’. Similarly, a user has written, ‘Ma’am please use gloves, hygiene is necessary’, while another user has written, ‘Is it necessary to put things in everything’.

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