‘This is the limit of stupidity’, people started taking selfies near the volcano, watch the video

social media What do people do to filter the ‘world’? Some people keep making and sharing ludicrous videos, while some people do not hesitate to risk their lives in the pursuit of getting likes and views. Now just watch this video which is going viral. in which some people Volcano going very close to selfie appear to be taking. Seeing this video, some screamed, so most of the netizens have termed it as insanity.

Let us tell you that the temperature of the boiling lava of the volcano is about 1000 degrees Celsius. Now just imagine what would happen if the blazing lava fell on someone. At the same time, the temperature of its edges is around 500 degrees. Now in such a situation, if someone reaches here to take a selfie, what would you say? At present, a similar video has surfaced, which has stunned the netizens. In the video going viral, it can be seen that it is night time and some people are taking selfies very close to the volcano. In the video, blazing lava can be seen spreading like firecrackers in the heights of the sky. Believe me, this video is going to increase the heartbeat.

See in the video, people reached near the volcano to take selfie

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Showing the craze of selfies, this video has been shared on Instagram with an account named viralhog. The user wrote in the caption, ‘Something has not come close enough.’ This video, uploaded just a few hours ago, has been viewed more than 36 thousand times so far. At the same time, many people have registered their reactions on the video. Netizens are stunned to see this video.

One user has written, ‘There is no one else on earth as stupid as a human.’ At the same time, another says, ‘This is the time of stupidity.’ Another user commented and wrote, ‘People are doing anything to dominate social media.’ Overall, this video has made netizens think that to what extent people are ready to go just to get likes.

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