This chicken turned out to be Naughty, see how the person made fun of the person; 10 Viral Videos like this

social media The ‘world’ is full of funny pictures and videos. Sometimes such videos are shared, which start creating panic as soon as they arrive and netizens also like to watch it with great fervor. At present, one such video of a chicken has caught the attention of the people. After seeing which people see the chicken Naughty Have started calling. Actually, in the viral clip chicken The way a person is seen making fun of you, you will find it very strong. Now how the chicken has done this, for this you have to watch this video.

In the video going viral, you can see that after getting hurt, a person is walking with the help of sticks. At the same time, a chicken is also walking behind the person. The funny thing is that the way a person is walking with limp on one leg, the chicken is also trying to walk in the same way imitating him. It goes on like this for some time, but as soon as the person’s eyes fall on the hen, it flares up. After this you can see that the chicken stands on both feet and runs from there. Trust me, this video will make you laugh too.

Watch in the video, when the chicken imitated the person

You have seen the video of Naughty Chicken. Let us now have a look at 9 other such funny videos, which are becoming very viral on social media.

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brother so

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