Thieves were running away after stealing the bike, the guard closed the gate fast, then what happened – VIDEO

You must be seeing how high the spirits of thieves have become these days. They go anywhere fearlessly and clean their hands on luggage, bike or car as soon as they get a chance. many times though theft Thieves are also caught while carrying out the incident, but sometimes it happens that they run away after throwing dust in the eyes of everyone. Videos related to these theft incidents are also social media But often go viral. Nowadays one such video is going viral, in which two thieves running away after stealing bikes come to the rescue, one of them is caught by the promptness of the guards of the society.

In the video you can see that two thieves are running away after stealing the bike when the guard sees them and starts closing the main gate of the society. In such a situation, the thieves collide with the bike in the gate and fall outside the gate itself. Meanwhile, getting a chance, a thief escapes from there, while another thief is caught. It is good that the people of the society also come to know on time and they run to catch those thieves. Seeing this, the guard also gets ready and closes the gate, otherwise the thieves would have escaped easily. This entire incident has been captured in CCTV.

See how the bike thief was caught by the promptness of the guard

This incident is being told of Everest Apartment Society in Kalka Ji Extension, Delhi. According to the information, the thieves came to investigate the houses posing as MCD officers. Meanwhile, his eyes fell on the bike of a courier boy. He was ringing the doorbell of a house. During this, the key was attached to his bike.

Taking the opportunity, the thieves started running on his bike, but finally they got the bad result of bad karma. The people of the society handed over the caught thief to the police. At present, his interrogation is going on.

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