There is ‘awesome love’ between the monkey and the boy, seeing you will also say ‘both are dear friends’; watch video

,friendship dayIt is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August. This day is very special for friends. So on social media unique friendship Many videos related to this are trending. At present, monkey and boy friendship A video of it is getting a lot of headlines. People are surprised to see the wonderful bonding between the two. After watching this video you will surely also say- ‘Both are jigri yaar.’ In the viral clip, the monkey is seen taking care of the boy, which you will find very cute.

In the video going viral, you can see that a monkey and a boy are sitting on the sofa. The boy is wearing a mask and is repeatedly pressing his head with his hand. It looks like he has a headache. After this, whatever the monkey does, you will find it very cute. The monkey understands what is wrong with his friend. After this, he asks him to keep his head on his feet. Then with a light hand, he starts giving him a head massage. People are liking this bonding between the boy and the monkey. So let’s watch this video.

Watch here, the video of the unique friendship of the boy and the monkey

The video of this unique friendship of monkey and boy has been shared on Twitter with the handle @TheFigen. The user wrote in the caption, Best friend. This 21-second video is creating a lot of panic in the world of social media. This video shared a few hours ago has more than 21 lakh views. At the same time, more than 29 thousand people have liked the video. Apart from this, after watching the video, many people have registered their reactions.

Commenting on a user wrote, I want a monkey like this too. At the same time, another user has written while commenting, the bonding between the two looks very cute. Another user has written while commenting, this video shows that animals also have the same feelings as humans. Overall, the video of this unique friendship has won the hearts of the netizens. People are commenting fiercely.

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