The younger brother fell from the roof, then like a superhero, the elder brother saved him by jumping in the air; watch video

Kerala Of Malappuram an incident in the district cctv footage It is becoming very viral on social media. This video is such, seeing that anyone can get goosebumps. Actually, a young man was cleaning the roof in the second floor of the house. Then he falls from the roof. Fortunately, the elder brother saw the young man falling at the last moment and just before hitting the ground, he caught his brother in the air by spreading his arms, which saved his life. The youth has suffered minor injuries in this accident.

In the video going viral, you can see that the elder brother is spraying water on the roof through a pipe outside the house, while the younger brother is cleaning the roof at the same time. But the very next moment in the video, a heart-wrenching incident happens. The younger brother suddenly falls from the roof. Seeing this, the elder brother standing below becomes active immediately and throws the pipe and immediately catches his younger brother in the air. In the video you can see that after catching the brother, both fall on the ground. But due to the vigilance of the elder brother, the young man’s life was saved.

Watch here in the video brother saved his brother’s life

In the video you can see that after the fall, the younger brother gets up quickly and helps to lift his elder brother. In this incident that happened last Sunday, both the brothers narrowly escaped. Let us tell you that this CCTV footage is being shared fiercely on different platforms of social media. After watching this video, people are calling it a miracle.

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