The student did something like this on the stage, Massab caught and coded it; watch video

You must have also participated in cultural programs in school at some point or the other. In which many colorful presentations are given by the students. These include from singing to dance performance. At present, social media But a similar video has surfaced. But something happened during the colorful program, seeing which people are laughing. It happened that a student on stage dance performance He is giving, then his friend comes in excitement and starts raining notes on him. After this, whatever Guruji does with the student, you will also be blown away seeing it.

This clip going viral is of few seconds, but after watching it, everyone is forced to laugh holding their stomach. It can be seen in the video that cultural program is going on in the school. In which a student is giving dance performance on stage. But then a student from the audience gets up with enthusiasm and starts blowing notes on his friend who is dancing on the stage. But on the action of this student, a man was so enraged that he immediately reached him and started thrashing him. But look at the focus level of the dancing student. It has no effect on him and he continues his dance.

Watch student’s video here

This funny 25-second clip has been shared on Twitter with the handle @HasnaZarooriHai. The user wrote in the caption, ‘Bada Chaudhary was becoming.’ Till the time of writing the news, thousands of views have come on the video, while more than a hundred people have liked it. At the same time, after watching the video, people are fiercely registering their reactions.

Commenting on a user, wrote, what was the need to kill the student. Was it his last day at school? However, after seeing the incident between the student and Guruji, most of the people are laughing. People are liking this video so much that they like to watch it again and again. So what is your opinion on this video, do let us know by commenting on social media.

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