The strange prank made the person sweat, ran away in fear; Watch 10 Viral Videos

in today’s time social media It has become such a platform where you will get to see all kinds of things. From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, there are different types of videos, including prank videos. Prank videos are actually made funny, in which unknown people are often targeted. scare people prank video Some make it by harassing people and some by having fun with them. Although usually such videos are very funny, but with whom there is a prank, sometimes it makes them sweat.

One such video is going viral on social media nowadays, in which a person did such a strange prank that the person who came to throw garbage lost his sweat and he ran away from there in a moment. In the video you can see that a person has come to put garbage in the dustbin and as soon as he opens the lid of the dustbin, he is seen sitting inside it wearing a strange dress, seeing which he gets scared badly and the garbage is there. Leaving and enters the house directly. This funny prank video, which went viral on social media platform Twitter, has got thousands of views so far. After watching this video people are laughing and laughing.

Watch this funny prank video

You have seen this prank video, now let’s have a look at some such viral videos, which people are very fond of.

Wow… that’s called gathering all the knowledge together!

how cute is this girl

Oh sister! Look where is the door…

Hey Re Re… Bach Ke Re Baba!

It’s a kid… don’t be scared like that

ohhh… didn’t know that

Take it brother! Got the taste of stunts

Bad result of bad karma!

And sister! The taste has arrived…

People are liking these videos very much.

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