The plane crashed suddenly as soon as it landed, the video went viral

Accidents happen frequently on the roads. Sometimes vehicles collide with each other while moving, and sometimes a vehicle crushes a bike rider or people walking on foot. Sometimes such accidents are hair-raising. Well, this is a matter of road accidents, but have you ever plane crash have seen? Although the plane is generally considered to be the safest mode of travel, but sometimes due to technical fault, planes also become victims of accidents. social media But nowadays a video of one such plane crash is going viral, which is going to give goosebumps.

Actually, the plane suddenly crashes as soon as it hits the ground. It splits into two pieces and then the rear part of the plane is dragged away. In the video you can see that the plane comes flying from the sky and as soon as it lands on the ground, it breaks into two pieces. Its front part breaks apart completely from the plane. This part is for the pilot and co-pilot, while the rear part, where the passengers are seated, goes a long way while dragging.

Although the good thing is that this is not a real accident, but a deliberate accident by Mexican scientists. He intentionally crashed a Boeing 727 in 2012 to see which seats in the plane had more chances of survival in the event of an accident. In such a situation, no one died in this accident.

See how the plane flew away as soon as it landed

This hair-raising video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @TansuYegen. This video of just 30 seconds has been viewed more than 42 thousand times so far, while hundreds of people have also liked the video and given various reactions.

One user wrote, ‘This clip should be useful to reduce the cost of first class’, while another user wrote, ‘It is best not to be on the crashing plane’.

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