The person prepared pizza with chocolate sauce and ice cream, watching the video, people asked – God is where are you!

social media is one Platform Where no one can guess when what will become viral. To make himself popular, he keeps doing some strange things every day. Especially with food, people do such experiments. Seeing whom you leave food, hatred arises in the mind. You must have seen a lot of experimentation with dishes like Maggi, Momos. But now with pizza experiment Has been done. After seeing him, pizza lovers will certainly not be able to control their anger.

On hearing the name of pizza, greed wakes up in the mind. People like to make it with cheese, corn, mushroom and paneer, but to the people who do strange experiments of Khan, they keep trying something or the other. Now watch this video only where a person has made pizza by adding chocolate instead of pizza sauce and ice cream instead of cheese. A man falls ill only after seeing whom he should leave food.

Watch the weird pizza video here

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In the video going viral, you can see that a person first applies chocolate sauce on the base of the pizza and then puts veggies on it and keeps it near the oven, handling it like a pizza. After this, the chef puts vanilla ice cream on top of his pizza. Seeing which, the mind feels that the made-up pizza has been killed, but the chef does not stop here, but after the pizza is ready, he also puts strawberry ice cream on it. After seeing that, the rest of the desire also ends.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named radiokarohan, which has been viewed and liked by thousands of people. People have given many types of reactions on the viral video. One user wrote, ‘If someone is feeling sick, then definitely try it.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Leave the food, it is disgusting to see it.’ While another user wrote, ‘Who is it that put onions on chocolate sauce?’

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