The person made tea from dragon fruit, people said – there is a ruckus of E; Watch 10 funny videos

social media but these days Tea All kinds of experiments are being seen regarding this. Some are making tea with Rooh Afza, while some are making tea with banana and chikoo and giving it to the people. But the atrocities that have happened with tea now, netizens have not been able to tolerate it. The anger of the people has reached the seventh heaven. Actually, a chaiwala brother tea made from dragon fruit Whose video Recipe Netizens are furious seeing it. People say that brother, now put some poison in it.

You must have drunk ginger, cardamom and spice tea a lot, but have you ever had a tea made from dragon fruit? If you have not drunk, then now also see how this ruckus type thing is made. In the video going viral, Chaiwala Bhaiya can be seen pouring hot tea into the cup. After this, after scooping the pulp of dragon fruit, this guy mixes it in a cup of tea. Then after adding a spoonful of condensed milk, mix it well and serve it to the people. This video is being told from Bangladesh. But after seeing the recipe of tea, people’s mind is blown.

Watch the video of tea made from dragon fruit here

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We are sure that after watching this video you too must have grabbed your head and cursing the vendor. Obviously, no one will tolerate messing with iconic food items. Now let’s have a look at 9 other videos which are becoming very viral.

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So how did you like these videos, do tell us by commenting. We will keep bringing such funny videos everyday.

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