The owl gave a ‘dose of fear’ to the cat with its eyes, the animal became stunned as soon as the bird’s neck rotated

There are millions of pictures and videos of animals and birds on social media. It would not be wrong to say that content related to animals and birds Internet But it is one of the most viewed content. Lovers often spend hours in the jungles to get a perfect photo. people also Video Save them on his phone and laptop so that when he can see them again and again because their actions are so much fun. One such video of owl and cat is in discussion these days.

Owl is such a nocturnal creature, which not only can see in the dark of night, but it is also more active. Owl is very different and special from other birds for its size, texture and eyes. Owls can rotate their neck up to 360 degrees. Their ears are very alert. This is the reason that whenever a victim makes even the slightest movement in the night, they come to know immediately. Something similar was seen in this video where the owl gave a dose of fear to the cat with her eyes, after which she did not stop there for a moment and immediately ran away.

Watch the owl and cat video here

In the video you can see that one is sitting comfortably at the window and is looking very carefully at the camera and behind him is sitting a cat who is looking at him quite shocked. It seems that she is the pet of the same house where the owl is sitting, she wants to make the owl run away from there but maybe she is afraid of him so she is not daring to go near him. During this, he turns his neck completely and looks at him. Due to which the condition of the cat worsens and she runs away from there. Surprise is clearly visible on Owl’s face too.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @Gabriele_Corno. Till the time of writing the news, more than 57 thousand people have seen it and their feedback is being given by commenting. Seeing this owl, some people want to make it their pet, while there are many people who are laughing at the reaction of the cat.

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