The mistress gave her heart to the servant, expressed love in the tabla, then got married like this

Love, also known as Prem, Ishq, Mohabbat and many other names, is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It beautifies the life of a human being, it changes the world of people. Someone has said that love has no age, no limit. Love sees neither race nor money. Love can happen to anyone. latest example of this Pakistan I have got to see, whose story is very interesting. Actually, here a woman fell in love with her servant and expressed her love again. wedding Did it too.

It is being told that the girl is 20 years old, while her servant is 5 years older than her. The girl’s name is Muskaan, while the boy’s name is being told as Aamir. He hails from the Punjab province of Pakistan. According to media reports, the matter is such that the family members of the girl hired 25-year-old Aamir to take care of the buffaloes of their house. He had a total of 4 buffaloes, in such a situation, the family had a lot of difficulty in taking care of them, so they hired Aamir.

Expressed love in the tabla

Aamir used to work sincerely and diligently. He used to take good care of buffaloes. Because of this buffaloes started giving more milk than before. Only this honesty and dedication of Aamir touched the heart of Muskaan. She started liking Aamir in her mind. Then one day he gathered courage and expressed his love. At that time Amir was in the shed of buffaloes. He was bathing them. Meanwhile, Smile came to him and expressed his love to her. She told Aamir that she fell in love with him and wanted to get married.

Now both are happy to get married

Aamir was shocked to hear this. However, he asked Muskaan for time till evening. He talked to his family members, then accepted Muskaan’s proposal. According to reports, now both are very happy after getting married. Muskan told that now three people have to be hired to take care of the buffaloes.

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